Conquer the Burg

Cedarburg Friends of Parks and Recreation would like to sincerely thank our participants and sponsors for a successful 2022 Conquer The Burg! This was the best year yet!! Be sure to check back on our website for 2023 date and information.


September 10, 2022, 11:00am-5:00pm

CONQUER the BURG is an adult scavenger hunt held in and around Cedarburg, Wisconsin on the Saturday after Labor Day each year. CONQUER the BURG combines challenges that are physical (e.g. kayaking, biking), mental (puzzle solving, strategizing), and even silly (singing, drinking, or eating contests), which scatters teams of up to four all over Cedarburg in an effort to conquer the burg.

All monies raised will directly benefit the Cedarburg Friends of Parks and Recreation who are continuously improving parks and facilities throughout the City and Town of Cedarburg.

This year, we are raising money for the new All Children’s Playground at Centennial Park in Cedarburg by the pool.

Fantastic prizes may also be awarded to:

  • 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place Winners
  • Best team theme or costume
  • Other categories to be determined
  • Top Fundraising Teams
Conquer the Burg


$200 for teams of up to 4 people


Cedarburg City Hall Lawn
W63 N645 Washington Avenue
Cedarburg, WI 53012 United States
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Think you have to be a marathon runner to participate in CONQUER the BURG? Think again!
It certainly helps to be in decent shape, but you can have an AMAZING time doing fun and sometimes even silly challenges… all you have to be is adventurous enough to try something new. You won’t regret it!

From the starting line, teams will be given various clues and directions to complete the race. Teams must use any form of non-motorized travel (i.e. by foot, bicycle, roller skates, rikshaw, etc.) to arrive at challenge site locations. Challenge sites will be revealed at the starting line to all teams at the same time. Detailed rules are being developed each year specific to that year’s challenges – so keep checking our site to make sure you have the latest. Major changes to rules will be announced on Facebook and on the website.

Teams that are registered may be eligible begin accumulating points by either finding clues throughout the City/Town of Cedarburg at various businesses or by simply getting followers to our social media presence.

So, gather the fastest, strongest, smartest, most-appetized group of fun friends to make a team of up to four people. Register using your unique team name at our website. Request to join our CONQUER the BURG Facebook group and start interacting with other teams. Taunt other teams and brag about your costumes, trash-talk each other (in a polite PC manner, of course), and compete to see who has the most social media followers. Look for clues on this Facebook private group to be dropped from the folks at CONQUER the BURG.


11:00 AM
Team Check-in

11:45 AM
MANDATORY pre-race meeting at Cedarburg City Hall Courtyard – DON’T BE LATE!

12:00 PM
Race begins! (PROMPTLY at exactly 12:00 p.m.)


Only teams of up to four (4) can participate in the race.
Your team must register. Your team must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the race. Must be 21 to perform alcohol related challenges. Teams must perform challenges together and may not separate. All participants must sign a waiver of liability in order to participate. Teams must be in costume during the competition to be eligible for the costume contest.


Rules for the race. Please stay tuned as we develop these to suit the specific challenge sites. We will announce on our Facebook page as soon as they are updated.


Race challenges may test your physical and mental capability during a variety of tasks. Running and walking will be required at times to get to different locations. Kayaking, rock climbing, swimming, beer drinking, and food eating challenges may be included. Teams may opt to skip a challenge at the risk of not getting the points from that challenge site but may mean they finish sooner. It’s all in the strategy.


The length of the course varies from year to year and will be dependent on the route selected by the team for strategic advantages. We will announce this information for this year’s event as it gets closer to the actual event. Teams may be penalized points for using motorized means to travel from site to site.



As with any event, the key to our success is the volunteers. Have fun watching, judging, measuring, and doing whatever it takes on the day of the event to help make sure this event runs smoothly. You will be rewarded in more ways than one. Email us at CedarburgFriends@gmail.comi to volunteer.


Gather your fastest, strongest, smartest, most appetized, and maybe even the biggest bellied friends to make a team of four. Register using your unique team name at our website. Create your costumes/theme and you are ready to start! Wear your costume throughout the city/town of Cedarburg to fundraise and raise CONQUER the BURG awareness! Who knows…maybe your team sightings at specific undisclosed establishments will be earning you bonus points before the race even starts!


Looking for an easy and fun CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY! What a great way to give your employees a wonderful team building day of activities while donating to your local community. Challenge your employees to develop teams and participate. Sponsor a specific number of teams to compete. Costume them to be themed for your business/company. A company can sponsor teams, and even conduct “pre-event challenges” within the workplace to reward participants with additional donations or other incentives for winning internal activities. Teams of 4-10 can also volunteer as judges at race challenge locations. Contact Minal Hahm for more information and possible opportunities!


If your Cedarburg business/company is interested in providing a challenge site for our teams to complete, please contact our Challenge Coordinator. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR BUSINESS/GROUP’S INVOLVEMENT AS A CHALLENGE SITE WILL HAVE TO REMAIN TOP SECRET UNTIL THE START OF THE RACE. SO PLEASE BE DISCREET. Contact our challenge site coordinator at

  • Cost to participate: $0
  • Limited space availability
  • Exposure on social media, post-event on our website, and logo on team instructions/maps
  • Create a challenge for teams to perform
  • Great opportunity to gain exposure for your business or group
  • Challenge opportunities are limited, so act fast to reserve your spot in the race
  • Submit challenge request by September 3, 2022 to



As a sponsor, we encourage you to join in front of City Hall in the courtyard for the race finish and Beer Garden!!

Sponsor Levels:

  • Presenting Sponsor $1000
  • Sponsor $500
  • Prize Donor – $400
  • Costume Contest Judge/Site – $200
  • Beer/Wine Sponsor – $750 (up to three sponsors)
  • Food Truck- $500
  • Photo/Video Sponsor – $500
  • DJ/Music Sponsor – $500


Other Sponsor Opportunities

  • Door Prizes
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • In-kind Sponsor

SPONSOR A TEAM! …or 2 or 3!!!

Your business/company can simply register a team or multiple teams and then givie the registrations away to either employees or to patrons. You can give away the registration by creating your own mini-contest for your customers or staff to compete in leading up to the day of the competition. What a fun way to raise awareness and get more exposure.

Contact us for more ideas and information!


No time to participate, volunteer, or provide a challenge? Simply donate. We will make sure your donations are recognized at the event and through various social and press media. All donations will go toward the All Children’s Playground.